hopes & plans

Hey!! Happy Monday y'all! Where does the time go? I am dumbfounded that this is the last Monday of January. Please tell me I am not alone in this!

Enough of that babbling, lets get down to business. Here is how last weeks hopes & plans went:

one || Catch up on my Bible Study.
I am doing some damage on this one, but not completely caught up.
two || "Business Trip" Notebook. Done

three || Next up, the PCS Notebook. Done
Finally, a successful week! I am sure the fact that I had no choice but complete these things may have played some part in my success. 

Planned for this week:

one || READ!!
I still need to read two chapters to meet my monthly goal. I did really great the first week, and haven't picked my book(s) up since. 

two || Pack up the house.

Pretty short week, but I am going to leave it there this week!


Oh Hey Friday

It's Friday! I find it interesting Fridays are still just as great even when you are not working.
Am I right?

one || This week, I started watching Gossip Girl. A little late to the party right? But what else am I supposed to do when daytime TV sucks as much as it does? Anyways, this has lead me to a deeper love for Blake Lively.

two || I think I have almost honey potted Logan and convinced him I should not go back to work full time! Over this week at home, I have realized and confirmed my natural habitat is the house! I love being home to clean and cook and providing for my family by having a clean home and yummy meals! I also understand that people are different, and some people like to work in the home, and some people like to work outside the home, and that is okay.

three || Now after watching a few series on Netflix, I have decided it is the best way to watch TV! There is no week of suffering from the unknown in between.

four || Since we got back  from Charleston on Monday, I have not been able to get my dogs off of me. Even Rucker, who always loves him Daddy more, has been glued to me. I think they are loving having their Mommy home with them all day!

five || I think I have put off packing just about as long as I can. Today, I finally feel that packing vibe, and I figure I better take advantage of it while I have it!

That's all I have for you on this Friday, now get out and enjoy your family and your weekend!
See ya next week!


Weekend Recap

How is everyone's week going? 
I must admit, I have been lost this week. Driving home on Monday, and not working this week has had me so confused. I'm still only half aware of what day it is! 

So anyways, let's get on with the weekend recap.
 I'll be saving the Charleston trip for it's own post though.

Friday || Friday, after my last day at work, I rushed home to get ready. Logan and I headed to Southern Pines. Southern Pines quickly became one of our favorite places in the area. It is a beautiful city full of charm and character. The shops are the cutest thing and the restaurants cannot be beat! Seriously, I have not had a bad meal there! Once our friend Reid moved there, we now have even more reason to find our way to SP. Friday night, we picked up Reid and headed to Ashten's. It was mine and Logan's first time at Ashten's and it was delicious! By far, one of the top 5 meals of my life! After dinner, some other friends joined us for a few drinks.

Saturday || On Saturday, we were pretty lazy; which seems to be the going rate for us and Saturday's lately. Once we did manage to get out of the house, we had a few errands to run. We had pizza for dinner with Allison and dropped the puppies off with her. And she got me hooked on a new Netflix show. Now I think I am cycling through 4 different shows. 

I have to admit, Saturday's errands were not my favorite, but I do love spending my time with Logan and I do enjoy supporting Logan and his career.

Sunday || On Sunday, we headed to Charleston! 

Be sure to stop back by tomorrow for Confessional Friday! It seems I have a new guilty pleasure.
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