Happy Fall Y'all!

Here is something short, sweet, and light for you after that fairly heavy post yesterday!

Enough said right?!?

Happy First Official Day of Fall Y'all!


Falling into Change

 Are y'all ready to fall into a little change? 

Ehhh you like that play on words there? You I am a dork and a totally sucker for cheesy things like that!

A few weeks ago, I started my Weekly Bible Verse Series back. After some reflection about my blog this past week, I have decided to do away with this series. Don't worry too much, I will still share a verse with you all every week; but, from now on, it will be included in my weekly Hopes & Plans post. Why the change you ask? I have really been pushing myself to blog every single day so that I can squeeze in all the series and link ups I participate in and still share a bit of my own life with you all. My blog just wasn't fun anymore. I was feeling so much pressure from myself to blog every day, m blog was becoming a burden rather than a pleasure. It was getting so bad, I almost stopped blogging all together... I started blogging to as a fun way of keeping our families involved in what we have going on, knowing the minute it stopped being fun, I would stop blogging. 

With that being said, I am enjoying this post so much! It feels great to open up to all of you (see I really trust you all now). I do not want any of y'all to think I do not love this awesome God we serve, because I do, so much!!! And I do not want to take away from his love for us by taking away a post dedicated to just that. I just want to take a series out of the mix and spend more time letting you know what's going on in our neck of the woods. On the rare Sundays that a post pops up on the blog, I can promise you it will be a Weekly Bible Verse post making a special appearance! You can still expect to see my weekly hopes & plans; and hopefully, I can participate in more 5 on Friday posts! You can also expect to see more of our adventures, recipes, and our day to day life on the blog. If you don't follow me on Instagram, you should! More and more posts are finding their way there as well!! 

Lastly, I am contemplating some aesthetic changes. I am thinking something a little cleaner and simpler might be the way to go... maybe just a photo change... I'm not 100% sure on this one, I would love to hear your thoughts. Really, I'd love to hear your thoughts on all of this.... 

So yea, there ya go, a rather heavy post for a Monday... and no pictures... oppps....


Airborne School Graduation

Wow do I have some catching up to do! I think I was so caught up with summer that I totally forgot to actually blog about everything we had going on. Back in June, Logan finally got to attend Airborne School. In July, he graduated!!
My Dad, Poppy, and Step-brother Austin where able to attend! It was great because they are not always able to make it.

We thought we were just going to the drop zone for the jump early in the morning; little did we know we would spend the entire day there.
As you can image, in Southern Georgia, in the middle of July, it was hotttttttt!!!
So hot that Hollie and Rucker found the only, yet, nastiest muddiest puddle and I let them stay in there.... I think you can see the relief on Hollie's face!

Sometime around lunch, the guys started jumping.
On of my favorite things about watching Logan jump, is how unbelievable it is to see all these strong men literally falling from the sky. And they look so cool when they first come out of the plane and float down to the ground. 
This was right after Logan's 5th jump, and the first time I had ever seen him jump.
Our good friend Jacob actually pinned Logan's Airborne Wings on him.. It was really special to have someone close to us share in that with us. Plus I think it really put the icing on the cake of their bromance....
I love that Logan's classmates crashed our picture too, this is the Army Family I love!!

Happy Thursday y'all!!
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