hopes & plans

Luckily for me, I do not have a recap from last week to share with you. If I did, it probably wouldn't have anything marked off. This week, I am feeling a much more hopeful and hopefully much more productive than I was last week!

Here is what's up for this week:

one || Order a new book. I just have to decide which one.

two || Keep up with my workout routine. Thanks Logan!

three || Finish my Bills Notebook and my PCS Notebook.

four || Find, decide on, and hopefully purchase some new shoes. Lets see how this goes...

five || Get caught up on my blog.

six || Make some Fall Outfits. Okay not really "make" but rewind back to the scene in Clueless where Cher has all her clothes on a computer to pick her outfits. Well that is my dream! Instead, I put outfits together and take pictures of them on my iPad to decide what to wear. Sounds crazy, but it makes the getting ready process much faster!!

What do you have planned for this week? 
Happy Monday Y'all!!


5 on Friday: The Very Best of Fall

If this weeks blog posts didn't overload you with Fall, this is sure to! There are so many things to love about Fall, but here are my top 5.

2. Pumpkins
Pumpkin Everything
 I hope you all are as excited about Fall and all it's glory as I am!


Fall Fashion Inspiration

This Summer I made the statement that Summer was becoming my favorite season. Well, I think am once again rethinking this whole "Favorite Season" thing. 

I love so many things about Fall but one of my favorites is the Fashion in Fall! I find it to be somewhat hard to dress for because so many days start out so cool and end up so warm. Nevertheless, I love all the options... flannels, sweaters, boots, booties, flats, scarves, vests, skirts, jeans, corduroys ... the options are never ending.

Here are a few outfits that I am loving this season.

And of course, what's fall or fashion without a good pair of shoes?

And when all else fails, here are a couple of my go to fashion blogs:

Now, should I say Happy Shopping??
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