Confessional Friday

It is my favorite day of the week again! FRIDAY!! Anyone else agree with me here? I just thought I loved Fridays in College, but nothing compares to a Friday as an adult! 

Enough of glorifying Friday, lets get on with the confessions!

one || Our Christmas celebrations have been in full force for about a week or two. We have attended three Christmas parties and we haven't even made it home yet. Let the parties and get together keep rolling our way!

two ||I have been seriously battling dry skin this winter. I am not sure why because I drink 100+ ounces of water daily. But I think I have finally found a cure: Burt's Bees Body Lotion. I am seriously considering making the full switch to Burt's Bees. Do any of y'all use many of their products?

three || I am sure you have noticed by the lack of recipes being shared on here recently, but we have been skipping on meals recently. We have been making meals that are quick and easy with minimal clean up. And then it is a race to the couch! We are hoping to improve on our dinners soon after the holidays.

four || playing off that last confession, I took pre-made cookies to a Holiday Party this week. With preparing to go home, and the other parties, time was not on my side.

five || This one isn't really a confession, more of a THANK YOU!! I have seen a HUGE spike in my numbers over the last week and a half, two weeks. I cannot tell you all how much this means to me!! I started blogging really as a way of keeping our families involved in our lives as the Army moves all over the world. In the year+ that I have been blogging, it has become one of my favorite hobbies, and I cannot express to you how much it means to me that so many of you take the time out of your busy days to stop by my little space of the Internet.

I hope you all enjoy your last weekend before Christmas! After work this evening, Logan and I will be on our way home for Christmas. We already have so much planned and our plans start tomorrow morning! We are so excited to be going home. We were home for a couple days over labor day weekend, but we haven't been home for more than a day or two since last Christmas! 

With all that being said, I will be taking a break from blogging next week to spend time with family and friends! But don't worry, I already have lots planned when we get back! See you in a week!!


DIY: Farmhouse Table

To be honest, I can't remember when we decided we were going to make our own table. If I had to guess, it was either while we were living in Oklahoma, or I came up with the idea last Spring while Logan was in Ranger School. Whenever it was decided, we both hoped on the idea once Logan was back from Ranger School. To this day we love going into Home Decor stores and seeing what they charge for tables similar to ours. We laugh at the price tag of $1,200+ while ours cost up less than $200 to build. And it makes for a great conversation piece.
So lets get down to the how to part. I have been following along with Cristina from Carolina Charm for some time now. When I saw here table, I knew we had to make one just like it.

Our number one suggestion and rule: measure twice cut once! 
Starting and making that first measurement can be intimidating, but just go for it! 

To be honest, Logan did most of the work while building the table. I made a few lines, took some pictures, and did some gluing. If you are going to build the table yourself, I suggest heading over to Tommy and Ellies step by steps directions.
We drew a diagram on a piece of cardboard and wrote out what all our measurements would need to be before we even made the first cut. We found this really helped us know how many pieces we needed and at what measurement.

I wish I had taken a picture of it, but I didn't think about.

We built our table in two different sections. We did this to make future moves easier on everyone.
For the base:

We used 2x4 to build the entire base of the table. 

Legs: 8 @ 28.5" 
Stretcher 2 @ 38.25″
Bottom Stretcher 1 @ 88.25
Side Aprons: 2 @ 81″
End Aprons: 2 @ 31″
Inside End Aprons: 2 @ 34″
Supports: 3 @ 34″

Here are two images form Tom and Ellie's Blog.

This is the base from a "side" view.
and from the top:

Once all the pieces were cut, we prepared for the build. We got creative when it came to making the notches in the legs for the stretches.
After making the notches, we had to put the legs together. We glued and screwed 4 sets of 2 2x4 together to make the legs. Then we added the stretches to the legs. This was followed by adding the long stretch to the width stretches. 

Next is the top of the base. First we screwed in the sides. Once it was all framed, we added in the middle supports. 

At this point, you should have the full base complete. That's the hard part over. 

For the top:
This part is much much easier. Once all your pieces are cut, you just have to connect them all. 
we used some extra 1x4s at our house and used them to pull the top pieces together. Then we added the ends by using brackets. We filled the cracks with wood glue. 

*In reality, if you can use some kind of clap to pull the pieces together,  you should not have any cracks*

Once we got to this part, we took a break from the table for a while. 
When we got back to it, it was time for the fun parts.
 We filled all the screw holes with wood filler, them we used a hammer and a screw driver to give our wood some character. Finally, Logan sanded on it for days!

The bench is basically a smaller version of the table. 
 We did the legs exactly the same except we did not have to cut ant notches out. We built the frame to the bench them added the legs in. We finished the bench by screwing two 2x8s onto the base.
The staining was my job. I actually LOVE staining the wood! We used Minwax's Special Walnut and it is the perfect color in my opinion.
We followed the directions on the can. We did two coats, one coat of poly, another sand job, and a final coat of poly. It makes it so smooth. We used a very low shine Polly coat because we wanted the table to have a pretty matte finish.

We still have to get chairs to match the table, but for now, we are very happy with our table and the way it turned out!

Our last word of advise: Never start a project without plenty of helpers!


German Visitors

A few weekends ago, our sweet friends Kevin and Camille came into the states from Germany. Kevin is also on the Army, and they are currently stationed in Germany. We were lucky enough to spend a few days with them before they headed to Tennessee to see their families.
Kevin and Camille landed in Fayetteville on Thursday afternoon. We picked them up and headed to our house. Our friend Porter had recently gotten back from a deployment, so he, along with Jacob and Allison, stayed with us as well. Thursday evening we stayed at the house and had chili and caught up on lost time.

On Friday, Logan was lucky enough to have the day off. He and Kevin headed out for a man day while the girls did what girls do best, shopping! On Friday evening Jacob, Allison, and Porter had an Army event to attend while Logan, Kevin, Camille, and myself went to dinner. 

On Saturday, we headed to Uwharrie National Forest for some jeepin'. We have been spending so much time there, we really wanted to take them there as well. Saturday evening we headed into town and met up with several friends to watch the Tennessee game.
Tennessee lost that game, but it was great to be around so many Volunteers!

On Sunday morning, we dropped Kevin and Camille off to pick up their rental car and they were off to Tennessee!
It wad great to see Kevin and Camille! They are expecting their first baby, and we not expecting to see them while Camille is pregnant. It was a great surprise to see them, and we cannot wait until we see them again!
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