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Happy Monday Y'all! Did you all have a good weekend? My weekend was way busier than my weeks have been recently, making me really excited for Monday. Yep you read that correctly, I was excited for Monday! Speaking of Monday, we are here linking up with Amanda from Marry Mint for our hopes & plans of the week. But first, lets take a look at last week's hopes & plans! 

one || Successfully throw a Wedding Shower. Done!
two || I think I will attempt to start organizing my external hard drive. Fail!
three || Read! Not as much as I'd like, but one has to start somewhere.
four || I do need to catch up on my Bible Study. Another Fail :(

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I am going to keep it pretty simple this week, and pull my two fails down to start off this week's hopes & plans!

one || I think I will attempt to start organizing my external hard drive.
two || I do need to catch up on my Bible Study.
three || I also decided on what I will be giving up for Lent. A friend of mine posted something on Facebook last week that really made me think. She bought up the fact that we should be giving up things that support our sinful nature, and since when has chocolate caused that? So I am giving up some of my "me" time. I spend so much time doing what I want to do and not with God. I plan on spending more time reading my Bible and praying, rather than online shopping, or whatever else I do to waste a day away. 
four || I have been wanting to purchase more lenses for my DSLR Camera since we bought it. I am hoping to spend some time this week time reading about lenses, and maybe even pick one out!

What do you have planned for the week?


Confessional Friday

Oh it's Friday again, my favorite day of the week! Do you have any plans this weekend? I think it will be a pretty busy weekend over here. I will be attending a dance competition and throwing a Wedding shower. So lets jump right into our confessions this Friday!

one || If you didn't catch my Valentine's Day post, you should check it out; pretty good story on this one! 
two || I was recently bit by the travel bug. I was throwing around the idea of going to Savannah, but I am thinking Nashville may be easier to make happen on the fly.
three || I was browsing the dollar section at Target last week, and found Jelly Belly jelly beans. I had forgotten how delicious they are!
four || As part of my putting off doing blog posts for this week, I pre-scheduled 3 posts a week from now until October! Can someone say procrastinator? Or maybe I'm just crazy...

five || I am so over winter! Like for real! This may have been a confession last Friday too, but I am seriously done with the snow and cold. I thought I was in Tennessee? Damn that groundhog!

I can't wait to hear about your weekends!  



In January, Logan and I took a weekend trip to Charleston, SC. It is one of our favorite places, and where we got married! We always seem to find ourselves choosing to go there rather than anywhere else when the opportunity to take a weekend trip comes up. 

A week or two before we were leaving, I spent a night looking up places to eat, things to do, and where to stay. You can go to a place like Charleston a thousand times, and still find new things to do and see, and especially new places to eat! Aww food, possibly our favorite thing about Charleston. We had a list of places to eat, almost all were different than the places we ate while we were there for our honeymoon. But we knew we had to start with brunch at Poogan's Porch! We parked the car, put our name on the waitlist for Poogan's, walked to Washington Square Park (where we were married), made a small lap around downtown.
The food is as delicious as the restaurant is beautiful! We had breakfast here with Kevin and Camille the morning after our wedding. We knew a trip to Charleston would not be complete without Sunday Brunch at Poogan's!
We thought we had the most perfect seat, right by the fire! I really have to start taking more pictures! No one ever said, " I wish I hadn't taken that picture" but people always say, "I wish I had taken more pictures." We had pimento  fritters as an appetizer. I had Captain Lee's Omelet with a Mimosa and Logan had Crab Cake Benedict with a Bloody Mary. It was all so amazing! My mouth is watering just thinking about it!
After Brunch, we headed to the Waterfront Park. It is possibly my second favorite place in Charleston (Washington Square Park-where we were married is my favorite, of course). We had hoped to score one of the awesome oversized porch swings but had no luck. Instead we headed out to the dock where luck was in our favor. We saw so many dolphins! I love dolphins and it was like they were putting on a show just for us! I never got a great picture of them, but I did get some decent ones.
In hopes of not boring you, but wanting to share these "amazing" dolphin pictures with you, I selected the top few for your viewing pleasures. 
Aren't they the cutest!
We even found some people kind enough to take a picture of us! The weather ended up being pretty great for us! And that little red roof building in the background, that the hotel we stayed at while we were on our honeymoon! Around every corner of  Charleston, is another place that is special to us. I think that is why we always decide on Charleston and never can get enough.
Plus, it is absolutely beautiful! And did I mention how amazing all the food is! After spending way too much time watching the dolphin show, we stopped in a few shop. Me in hopes of blowing some money. Logan in hopes of talking me out of everything. We did agree on two glass bottled Cokes and a coaster of Rue de Jean (where our Wedding Reception was). Next we headed to our cooking class at Charleston Cooks. When we first arrived, we realized it was going to be a demonstration class, rather than us doing the cooking. We were a little disappointing until the class started.
Our chef was so funny and made the class so entertaining! It was education, funny, and of course tasty. I really learned a lot about cooking and baking. I am anxious for the opportunity to show off some of the things I learned. I filled my recipe book up with notes! And of course, I would love to taste this tasty food again! We had Shrimp and Cheese Grits with Chocolate Pecan mini Pies. I wish I could put those tastes into words, but it wouldn't do it justice. Did I mention we really love the delicious food in Charleston?
After our cooking class, we picked up a few things in the store (we got 10% off for attending the class), took a stroll through the market, and went to pick up our car and check into the hotel. Yep, that's right. That beautiful pool is the roof top pool and bar of our hotel.
We stated at the Market Pavilion Hotel, right on East Bay Street. It is by far the most beautiful hotel I have ever stayed in! It's only rival would be the Inn we stayed at for our First Anniversary. I have to admit, I have never stayed in such a beautiful hotel! From the room, to the bathroom, to the hall, every last detailed was covered. I have never stayed in a hotel with turn town service and cookies to go with it. Oh and the marble bathroom! And let's just say, that's a coffee bar! Oh and look at the beautiful pastry they had out for breakfast!
After we check into the hotel we made a mad dash for a quick appetizer at Rue de Jean. We both had a bowl of French Onion soup and I had a glass of some Italian white wine, while Logan had another Bloody Mary, I thiknk.
After a quick snack at Rue de Jean we went on a ghost tour. While we didn't see any ghost, our tour guide told a few stories that kept us from sleeping too much.
Please forgive me for the terrible picture of us. It was a quick iPhone shot right as we were heading out to check out the haunted side of Charleston.
We hit Charleston right at the end of Food Week, the last night to be exact! We took advantage of the deals, and ate dinner at Grill 225, which is in the Market Pavilion Hotel. This was the first time I have eaten at the restaurant in the hotel other than free continental breakfast and at Disney World, and I have to say nothing beats hoping on the elevator, eating a delicious meal, and going back up to your hotel, and never having to set foot outside in the cold. I started with this Caesar Salad and Logan had She Crab Soup. We both had Ribeyes and shared Paremesan Broccoli which is just as delicious as it sounds! We shared a fruit pastry and Chocolate Mouse for dessert. 
The next morning, after having a late breakfast in bed, due to the delicious pastries in the hall, just outside our door, and our left overs from the night before, we headed out for a little stroll through Charleston before he had to head home. We walked around East Bay Street to the Battery and then back up King Street.
And of course, what's a stroll through Charleston without drooling over all the beautiful houses.
After we check out of our hotel, we decided to squeeze in one more meal before heading home. I did mention how much we love the food in Charleston, right? We decided on Magnolia's partly because it was close and easy to get to and because they had their own parking lot, and partly because it was a place we wanted to try anyways. This is actually the only new place we tried. It was an absolutely perfect lunch stop! We started with Homemade Pimento Cheese, then I had a gourmet take on a BLT. A Fried Green Tomato BLT, to be exact. It was made with jalapeno bread and had pimento and cheese on it. It was delicious and I have been wanting another one since! Logan had a Charleston Crab Cake Sandwich. Once we finished, we hoped in the car and headed home where I quickly found myself in a food coma! We had a great time in Charleston eating all the delicious food we could possibly hold! We cannot wait to go back again!

Do you have a go to vacation spot?
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